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Agreed Upon Procedures

Engagements related to agreed-upon procedures to specified elements or accounts. Occur when an accountant is hired to issue a report on filings that are based on specific financial statement items. The report users agree on the procedures that are to be conducted by the accountant that the user believes will be suitable. In addition, the user will take responsibility for the adequacy of these procedures.

You may have needs that don’t require an audit of financial statements, but that require procedures to be applied to your financial reporting process and controls—assurances, if you will. We can provide agreed-upon procedures for you, your vendors, for a business you may looking to acquire. Perhaps you are ready to sell your business, or are ready to buy a business, or an organization with whom you conduct business (for example, a Regional Center for companies in the residential care facility industry); this type of service will be of benefit to you.

We will always apply our concepts of:

  • Competence
  • Objectivity
  • Integrity

You will receive:

  • Personal contact with an Account Manager
  • A team of professionals experienced in your industry
  • A document with clearly written results of the engagement
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