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Thoughts on Marketing 2

I never imagined anyone would be reading my stuff; so I did not consider continuing to write. Anyhow, thanks to all. The responses have been inspiring, and I deeply regret not answering your comments, some of which I just realized existed. What a marketer, ey? Please read on...
Someone once asked me, "What is one of the first things you would do to determine a proper marketing direction seeking better results?" My response was rather simple and direct. If the measurement or evaluation of your efforts in each (and I do mean "each," because all search engines are not created equal, a brochure is not the same a s a flyer, radio is not just radio.

Strategic Thinking

 Success Through Picture Painting:
A Keynote Address on Strategic Thinking
Manuel A. Escalante G., DBA
Remember if you will a well-known Italian by the name of Christopher Columbus. With a good selling proposal he was able to convince his financial backers to provide money for his journeys. When he left, he didn't really know which way he was headed; when he arrived, he didn't know where he was; when he returned, he didn't know where he had been. In spite of this lack of vision he was able to make the trip three times in seven years.

Thoughts on Marketing 1

I plan to use this blog to bring tips and ideas on marketing and consumer behavior strategy to anyone interested in such subject matter. In their "The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing", Ries & Trout say, "Billions of dollars have been wasted on marketing programs that couldn't possibly work, no matter how clever or brilliant. Or how big the budgets."
First, a few things (amongst many) that marketing is not. Marketing is not, and/or you are not a "marketer" if you: