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What will you do with this paper?
Of Old Memories and Past Moments
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What will you do with this paper?

I saw a picture the other day of a student in cap and gown, eating alone in a restaurant; he seems to be wondering about something. The caption read: "I just realized that I have gone from undergraduate to unemployed". How sad. How true.
Yet it seems that those still in college--whether freshmen or seniors--have not, or have refused to, grasp the seriousness of the situation. Newsweek (Millenial College Graduates: Young, Educated, Jobless. Leah McGrath Goodman, 05/27/2015, 6:22 AM) writes that "This spring, an 

Of Old Memories and Past Moments

Spider webs— the spider, after spinning its web, will then wait on or near the web for a prey animal to become trapped. The spider senses the impact and struggle of a prey animal by vibrations transmitted through the web. The more the struggle (thoughts, worries, habits, attitudes…), the higher the vibrations telling the spider that the animal is ready to be devoured. It is common for webs to be about twenty times the size of the spider building it. It is common for so-called problems to be at least twenty times their size in the mind, in the soul, than they are in reality. The more we feed them mentally and spiritually, the more power we give them over our lives. It is interesting that once the spider has finished using the web, the spider web then becomes a cobweb; a rather still somewhat sticky and yucky substance hanging on the walls and crevices and corners of a given location— If you don’t make any attempts to change or adjust your thinking, quite often that location is your current life, and eventually your future.  Leave your “history" out of it –it is remnants of past deceptions, losses, and missed opportunities. It already happened and we are addressing a change for the now and the tomorrow.