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Strategic Planning

Are you working “in” your business rather than “on” your business? Daily tasks that do not allow for longer-range thinking and planning. Strategic planning is required to manage inevitable change—to determine your mission, vision, and goals; to design a road map that will get you there. This leads to the establishment of a sustainable competitive advantage.

DEMG has people with skills and expertise to help you design, develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan. We will help you determine what you want from your organization, where you wish to go, when you wish to arrive, how to optimize your resources, reach the right markets, and organize internally to meet the challenges you will face.

Obviously, your success with the strategic plan will not depend on external consultants; it will be in the hands of you and your team. We help ensure that your team understands the plan, and help them stay on track. We facilitate, guide, and help make adjustments.

Some Features:

  • Comprehensive assessments of your organization—internal and external perspectives
  • Strategic planning retreats facilitated by professionals
  • Coaching to top management
  • Support services in communicating to stakeholders
  • Assistance as the plan gets implemented and monitored
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